Honda Certified (CPO) Used Cars

When you purchase a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle you’re forcing the local dealer to shop for the best possible used cars for you. Quality control is so stringently controlled in certified programs that it doesn’t make economic sense for a dealer to certify anything but an already well-maintained used car that doesn’t need a lot of expensive shop time to bring up to the standards demanded by the manufacturer.

Why is the manufacturer so concerned about quality control? They not only spend millions of dollars marketing their certified/CPO brand and therefore need to protect the goodwill they’ve built up, but it’s the manufacturer that adds an extended warranty to the vehicle and not the dealer. Car makers are more than happy to stand behind a new warranty as long as they know the vehicle was brought up to near-new condition before being sold.

Each manufacturer has it’s own standards and benefits for it’s certified program. I sell a huge number of certified Hondas because of the huge benefits for my clients. Below are how the Honda Certified Used Car program stacks up.


  • Up to 6-years old
  • No more than 80,000 miles


  • 150-point mechanical and appearance inspection and reconditioning.


  • Powertrain Warranty (engine + transmission) — extended from 5-yrs/60,000 miles to 7-yrs/100,000 miles from original purchase date.
  • Non-powertrain Warranty (often called bumper-to-bumper warranty) — extended by 12-months/12,000 miles to 4-yrs/48,000 miles. You always receive a minimum 12-months/12,000 miles even if the original manufacturer’s warranty has expired.
  • No deductible.
  • Transferrable if you sell the vehicle.
  • Good at any Honda store in the 48 states.


  • Vehicle history report
  • Satellite radio — Complimentary 90-day XM radio trial period. Your vehicle must have factory-equipped XM radio hardware already installed.
  • Financing — This changes monthly. Check with me to see if there a low APR on the certified model you want.

The 8 Biggest Mistakes Used Car Buyers Make

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How to Sell Your Used Car Online

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Vehicle History Report Daily Price Check

Daily price check: There are two main vehicle history reports available to car buyers — AutoCheck and Carfax.

Both do the same job: they save you from buying a car that was in an accident, a flood, or one that has a salvage title or had it’s odometer rolled back illegally. Never buy a used car without checking the vehicle history report first.

AutoCheck is historically the best buy. Here’s the results of my daily price check:

  • Mutiple Reports
    • AutoCheck® $44.99 – Unlimited for 30 days
    • Carfax $49.99 – Maximum of five reports
    • CarFax $54.99 – Unlimited for 30 days

Don’t give up the freedom to run as many vehicle history reports in a 30 day period as it takes for you to find your next vehicle. And don’t pay more than you have to. Based on this daily price check, I recommend  AutoCheck®.




Shipping Your Car, Truck, or SUV?

Shipping cars, trucks, or SUVs these days is both easy and reasonably price. There aren’t many large, national shipping companies that I trust my car to. The one that I recommend is Dependable Auto Shippers.

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Shipping a vehicle is now an established, easy procedure. Use Dependable Auto Shippers to make sure you’re getting the best price and the most experienced company to look after your vehicle, if it’s across the state or on the other side of the country.

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Buying or Selling a Car? Use an Escrow Service to be Safe

It’s sad that fraudulent escrow services have been popping up online. All of them say they are reliable and licensed, however, don’t accept just any escrow service recommended by the buyer or seller you are dealing with. Buy or Sell Online Without the Fear of Fraudis one the first escrow services that emerged in response to the growing trend of online buying and selling in the 1990s by providing much needed safety and security. They acted as a middle-man protecting everyone’s interests.

If you have any doubt about the buyer or their form of payment, use an escrow service. But not just any service. Buy or Sell Online Without the Fear of Fraud is one of the oldest, most reliable online escrow services available. It’s the only one that I’ve ever recommended in my years of helping private car buyers and sellers proceed through the process safely.

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