The 8 Biggest Mistakes Used Car Buyers Make

New Kindle eBook from L. James Johnson
When I was an Internet Manager for a major car dealer, I compiled a list of the most common mistakes my customers made when buying used cars. Making any one of these mistakes can create unnecessary stress and bother. Worst case scenario? It can cost you hundreds — even thousands of dollars more than necessary.My new book not only lists the 8 biggest mistakes used car buyers make, but I clearly describe how you can avoid these costly errors. Get ahead of the learning curve and buy your next car with confidence. It only takes a little knowledge to turn a bad car buying experience into one in which you feel more in control and where you get more than a good deal.L. James Johnson is an author, automotive writer and industry expert.

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How to Sell Your Used Car Online

New Kindle eBook by L. James Johnson

The Internet has changed everything. You can no longer buy an ad in the local shopper and wait for the phone to ring. The only way to sell your car quickly and profitably is to learn the new rules. 

Written by an automotive writer and industry expert, L. James Johnson walks you through the steps of selling your car online. From creating a distinctive ad that sells your car to developing a pricing strategy so you get everything coming to you. From taking the right photos to explaining how to handle questions about your car confidently, how to test drive safely, and when to walk away. Johnson even teaches you how to negotiate price like a pro so you don’t leave money on the table. And finally, you’ll learn how to complete the paperwork, how to accept payment safely, and how to deal with banks decisively.

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Buying or Selling a Car? Use an Escrow Service to be Safe

It’s sad that fraudulent escrow services have been popping up online. All of them say they are reliable and licensed, however, don’t accept just any escrow service recommended by the buyer or seller you are dealing with. Buy or Sell Online Without the Fear of Fraudis one the first escrow services that emerged in response to the growing trend of online buying and selling in the 1990s by providing much needed safety and security. They acted as a middle-man protecting everyone’s interests.

If you have any doubt about the buyer or their form of payment, use an escrow service. But not just any service. Buy or Sell Online Without the Fear of Fraud is one of the oldest, most reliable online escrow services available. It’s the only one that I’ve ever recommended in my years of helping private car buyers and sellers proceed through the process safely.

Good luck.

Buying or Selling a Car? Get a Vehicle Inspection Report

You may know that your car, truck, or SUV is in great condition, but trust is a big factor when buying or selling a vehicle privately. In this case, trust — but verify — is the right approach. It also means finding a competent mechanic to complete a vehicle inspection report.

There is only one national vehicle inspection service that I recommend. Alliance Inspection Management, LLC has 600 full-time employees spend all their time — everyday — inspecting vehicles from one part of the country to the other. This is not a side job for them.

If you’re selling your vehicle on Craigslist, AutoTrader, or another online classified website, use every tool you can to get all the money coming to you. A professional inspection report is an honest effort to build credibility with potential buyers. And it’s one of the best negotiating tools a buyer can use when dealing with a savvy seller. Good luck to all.

Do You Need a Bill of Sale to Sell Your Car?

When buying or selling a vehicle privately do you need to have a bill of sale? The answer varies by state, but when in doubt an actual bill of sale is usually recommended because it makes the terms of the sale explicit. From a legal point of view, “explicit” is always better.

If you’re not sure what should go in your bill of sale, here are some basics that any bill of sale should include:

  • The vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • year, make, and model
  • odometer reading (mileage)
  • date of sale
  • purchase price
  • be sure to include the phrase “sold as is,” unless you have agreed to something else
  • names and addresses of buyer and seller
  • signatures of buyer and seller

To make sure you get it right, it’s actually easier to download an attorney-prepared bill of sale online. For a small fee (considering the price of vehicles these days, it’s a very small fee), you can get a professional document that has been specifically designed for you state. Get yours at Auto Bill of Sale.

If you have any doubt if you need one to comply with your state’s DMV regulations, either check with the DMV (usually a hassle) or use a bill of sale just to play it safe.




CARFAX or AutoCheck? Big $$$ Difference!

There are two main vehicle history reports available to car buyers: CARFAX and AutoCheck.

Both do the same job: they save you from buying a car that was in an accident, a flood, or one that has a salvage title or had it’s odometer rolled back illegally. Never buy a used car without checking the vehicle history report first.

Did you know that you can save big bucks by going with AutoCheck?

A recent check found:

  • Mutiple Reports
    • AutoCheck® $44.99 – Unlimited for 30 days
    • Carfax $49.99 – Maximum of five reports
    • CarFax $54.99 – Unlimited for 30 days

If they both do the same job — and they do — why pay more?

Don’t settle. And don’t give up the freedom to run as many vehicle history reports in a 30 day period as it takes for you to find your next vehicle. When it comes to vehicle history reports, there’s only one that I recommend to my friends: AutoCheck®